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Everyone struggles with something, and we can all use someone to talk to from time to time. But counseling is expensive, and not everyone needs a therapist to help them improve their mental or emotional well-being. When you need someone to talk to, but don’t necessarily want to pay big bucks for individual counseling, consider joining a group, attending a mental/emotional wellness class, or try a mindfulness workshop.


Individual Counseling



May attend in-person or online through VSee

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Group Counseling


Group therapy is beneficial in that it can provide a supportive environment for experimenting with new communication or emotional regulation skills, practice in improved self-awareness and/or empathy, a sounding board for new ideas or processing old hurts, and accountability for change.  



I have been using neurofeedback under the supervision of a Board Certified Neurotherapist (BCN), because neurofeedback is so much more efficient than counseling alone at helping people with all sorts of mental and emotional distress. I currently use HeartMath, and Brainmaster, and the David Delight Pro (which is used in relaxation, boosting academic and sports performance and treating anxiety, depression, PMS, ADD/ADHD, FMS, SAD, pain, cognitive decline and insomnia).


Emotional Wellness Classes

$25 / Session

Topics covered will start with Anxiety, then Depression, and eventually we will discuss Complex PTSD, and other topics. Participants of these psychoeducational classes may discover that all they need to improve their lives is better information about the sources of distress, ways the physical self interacts with the emotional and mental self and vice versa, or the latest research for improving mental and emotional wellness. Classes are not interactive, like the workshops. Seating is limited, participants may attend in-person or online through ooVoo.  


Mindfulness Workshops

$25 / Session

Do you ever think about your mental or emotional wellness? Are you aware of how your physical self and your mental/emotional self interact? Do you understand why you feel and do certain things in reaction to life events? Are you interested in learning new techniques for improving your mental and emotional health? The benefits of mindfulness have been well-researched and documented. They include reducing stress, reducing rumination (habitual, repetitious thoughts), improving memory & focus, improving reactions to emotionally upsetting events, and improve relationships. Participants will be taught mindfulness techniques and be given the opportunity to record exercises on their phones to practice at home. Participation is in-person only.