Karen Ingalls, Licensed Professional Counselor and Transformational Coach

About Me

If you’ve been struggling to cope with the upheavals of life, perhaps my approach to therapy would be helpful for you. If you want to experiment with healthier ways of thinking, feeling and being, I can help. According to Brene Brown, we cannot be more connected to others than we are to ourselves, and I have personally come from a place where I was completely dissociated from my own emotions, even after marriage and kids. With the information I learned on my journey to wholeness, I am able to help my clients explore ways to heal their heartache, and connect with themselves and others to find happiness and fulfillment.
For some people, just being able to tell their story for perhaps the first time in their lives is enough. Other people need courage and support to seek the truth that will set them free. Others may need help learning new emotional skills. Mindfulness, Heart Rate Variability and EMDR are some of the options I offer for improving self-confidence & empowerment.
Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so peace or empowerment will be specific to your life goals and personality. Everyone struggles with something, and it takes courage to ask for help – I get that. I hope you can find as much courage as you need to take that enormous first step to seek out help that will allow you to achieve a better life.